A big thank you from Charlie

By Roy Quennell | September 1, 2010

Charlie Bryant has asked me to thank all the youngsters of the under 11’s along with Dan Harris and David Towler for the gift of the bottle of Southern Comfort given to him for umpiring the under 11’s this season. Like us all at Cogenhoe , Charlie gives his time to the club because he […]

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New Player Profiles

By jkruger | August 6, 2010

Evening Everyone Just to let you know that the player profiles have now been updated. There are new ones as well as photos for some that didn’t have them before. Fletch and Junior, I will get your photos tomorrow! So don’t be shy. For those of you who don’t appear on the profiles page, please […]

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Comedy gold

By Roy Quennell | August 3, 2010

This comedy gem took place during our game at Great Oakley on Saturday. To set the scene for you Henry is batting and yells the following call after driving the ball to a fielder who misfields it. The comment comes from an elderly gentlemen watching from the clubhouse. Henry – no no no no no […]

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Presidents Day 2010 Video

By jkruger | July 29, 2010

Hi Everyone The video for Presidents Day has now been finished. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! Jason

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Top marks

By Roy Quennell | July 26, 2010

We have recently received the marks for our square and playing area from the league. I will not reveal those mark  as we still have a few games to go and I dont wish to have any affect on future marks from visiting sides but what I will say is the time, effort and hard […]

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Presidents Day

By Roy Quennell | July 26, 2010

My thanks to everyone who helped makes our annual Presidents Day BBQ another outstanding success. I received many congratulations on the evening, the whole day and the progress of our club from our Vice Presidents, players and supporters and I wish to pass those on to everyone who helped organise this years event. My thanks […]

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Match Day Video

By jkruger | June 15, 2010

Hi Everyone After creating the first video for the web site, I thought it was about time that a new one was created.  This video shows all the action shots and match day photos that I have taken over the last few season. Hope you enjoy it.  Please leave a comment below.

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Vote for Ali

By Roy Quennell | May 20, 2010

Our superstar in waiting young Alistair McLaughlin is already making headlines and with your help he will be making even more. The Evening Telegraph are running a baby competition for the cutest kid on the block and basically we all know that is Ali. But to ensure justice is done please spend 2 minutes of […]

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By Roy Quennell | May 14, 2010

With the season now in full swing I will be keeping you all updated on everything relating to our club. This week we held a committee meeting  with nothing major to report but as usual the meeting was positive and lively with everyone contributing. The new sight screens were  well received  and this new website […]

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From The Chairman

By Roy Quennell | April 30, 2010

As yet another season begins hopes and expectations are high at the club that we will enjoy a successful year. Off the field of play the past few years have been most progressive. As a club we have a very strong and pro active committee and a very loyal and generous group of benefactors, combined […]

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