The 450 Club

The 450 Club began life as The 200 Club back in the 1980’s and was the brainchild of Nobby Wykes.

The idea is that the club sells 450 tickets numbered from 1 to 450. Each ticket costs £5 and that number is yours throughout the five monthly draws.

The 450 Club runs from January to May and from August to December with each draw taking place in the last week of the month with the draw carried out by different people each time. The 450 Club provides Cogenhoe Cricket Club with much needed funds to improve and maintain our facilities and equipment.

There are five monthly prizes:

  • 1st prize £100
  • 2nd prize £50
  • 3rd prize £30
  • 4th prize £20
  • 5th prize £10

The growth of the draw from 200 to today’s figure of 450 is testament to the support the club receives from the good people of Cogenhoe, the club’s Gold and Silver members and the selling skills of Dave Patrick, Phil Whiteman, Paul Knight and Roy Quennell who between them sell over 150 of the tickets. Results of the monthly draws are sent by email to those who request it and can also be found on all of our social media platforms.

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