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As you may be aware Cogenhoe Cricket Club has a 138 year history within the village and for the last 25 years has occupied part of Compton Park. This relationship with the Football Club has been of great mutual benefit to both Clubs, financially and socially, and continues to provide a key sports and recreational function to the Village community.

Unfortunately the status quo is under threat as the Football Club seeks to expand its business model to include youth coaching, casting the net as far as Milton Keynes, to draw talent to their Club. The first steps of this are already complete with the eviction of other notable tenants of the “bottom field” with the final change being the eviction of Cogenhoe Cricket Club.

We believe, via advice received, we have security of tenure via a longstanding lease signed by both parties many, many years ago. This interpretation, however, is a matter of debate and to resolve will likely be of great financial detriment to all parties.

The purpose of this statement is not to cast dispersions at the business model being implemented at the Football Club. We, at the Cricket Club, believe the two functions, including the financial intensification of use to provide extensive youth football that is proposed, can continue to co-exist to the continued benefit of all parties.

We implore all stakeholders to engage with the Clubs directly, or via the Parish Council, to bring a swift resolution to this matter securing the future of the Cricket Club.

Thank you

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  1. Malcolm John Browning

    I hope that the people involved with CFC are fully aware of the long term ramifications of their actions.That is of course if they are in full possession of the actions of their “Committee”. If they are not ,may I suggest they ask for clarity on the subject, then make their views known to CFC. The future of grass roots sport in the locality depends upon the people of that area to be unified, otherwise it is a slippery slope towards local people and children being deprived of open air sport.

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