The Cooks Report – May 2020

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Greetings all, firstly I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Nick Lester and I am going to be writing the Cogenhoe Cricket Club column for Roy Quennell over the summer. As a village resident and a playing member of Cogenhoe C.C. the idea is for me to give readers an insight to our performances, results and club events from a players perspective. Please don’t worry if you enjoy Roy’s write ups he will return in the non-playing months with his usual thoughts on the club and our fantastic history. Over the next few weeks Roy will be posting a picture a day on our social media pages from the cricket club’s 138 year history in the village. The first of this series dates back to 1894 and the first recorded photograph of a C.C.C team.

This year got off to its planned start with players delighted to come out of their winter hibernation and return to the indoor facilities at the County Ground in Northampton for winter nets. After the first few weeks bowler’s rhythms had returned, the batsman who do move their feet had started to do so, and those that don’t had at least got their eyes in! This was especially noticeable in the juniors, who not only continue to improve but also continue to grow, with Jake, Liam and Finn already senior team regulars clearly much taller, quicker and stronger than last year. These established juniors have been joined by Niamh, Aidan and Mikey who are just beginning their journeys in to adult cricket after representing Cogenhoe at youth level for many years. They have all shown bravery, enthusiasm and willingness to improve, and I look forward to following and reporting on this journey over the coming months and years. Unfortunately, like everything else nets, and cricket country wide have been forced to cease until a currently unknown restart date. This has not just impacted net sessions and the planned All Stars training program, but social and fundraising events we had planned as well.  However it wasn’t long before our players love of cricket shone through, even in this truly miserable situation that makes any form of cricket nearly impossible Matt Irons has found a way to train. He has attached a bungee rope through a cricket ball which now allows him to practice his batting in isolation by hanging the ball from his washing line to then play his shots. Videos of this can be found through Cogenhoe CC’s Facebook and Twitter (@CogenhoeCC) accounts.

In line with the rest of the country Cogenhoe have had to cancel this years All Stars coaching program, a national program to get 5 to 8 year olds playing cricket. After 2 years of great success lead coaches Gareth Goddard and Lynsey McIntosh are keen for this year not to be a total loss. They will therefore be setting training challenges for our youngsters and their families to attempt in their own homes. The best videos or photos from this we hope to share online. Who knows the senior sides may even learn a thing or two!

With the club now in limbo not knowing when or if the season will begin, our army of players and volunteers are eagerly awaiting the green light to begin work on the ground. With this in my mind if you are from the village, have an interest in cricket, or are just keen to become part of our cricket family we will eventually be putting out a “call to arms” to get our playing facilities fit for cricket. This will most likely be in a much smaller time frame than usual, so any help, even if just a one off will be appreciated. Please feel free to contact me on 07834457019 if there is anything you would like to see written in next month’s article as cricket will not have returned by the time of writing, I’m also happy to be contacted if you would like to join us a player, volunteer or even a spectator when cricket does return.

Kind members of our Cogenhoe CC community would also like everyone to know that should you be self isolating, in an at risk group, or just unable to go yourself we are more than happy to help out with shopping, or collection of medications where we can. We have members throughout Cogenhoe and the surrounding villages, as well as across Northamptonshire. So please get in contact if there is anything we can do for you.

In these uncertain times we cannot thank our vice presidents and sponsors enough for their continued following and financial support. Now more than ever this support is invaluable in helping us run our club in a way that benefits as many of our local community as possible. I know Roy has thanked everyone himself, but I would like to put on record that it is not just the clubs committee that appreciate this but every player at the club is grateful as well.

And finally….. I’d like to personally thank readers for their response to the worlds current pandemic situation. As a staff member at Northampton General I can promise you that these drastic distancing measures are giving the hospital the best possible opportunity to care for those who need it. The overwhelming support, kind words, the Clap for Carers events (Thursdays at 8pm) and acts of kindness also mean so much. Whilst the government urge social distancing, I personally feel the phrase physical distancing is a far better term. For the good of us all being apart physically is crucial, but that doesn’t mean we cant stay social via the telephone, or any of the plethora of technological ways to stay in touch. Each and everyone of you have a role to play in this fight so please all stay positive, stay at home and look out for each other.

Nick Lester writing in the Cogenhoe & Whiston Parish Magazine

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