The Cooks Report – June 2020

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Anyone who has ever graced a cricket pitch in the month of April in England will testify it is usually a cold, bracing affair. For me at least, it is usually time spent delighted to be back out on the pitch, but wearing as many cricket jumpers as possible, hoping to avoid the ball in the field because I’ve been unable to feel my hands since the end of the 5th over! This spring I’ve had to smile to myself as the lack of cricket is almost certainly, (in my eyes at least) the only reason the United Kingdom has seen the sunniest April since sunshine tracking records began back in the 1920’s. Braving the generally even colder, less sunny spring days of the 1920’s was a Cogenhoe cricket team captained by Alf Dove, grandfather of current Cogenhoe CC supporter Brian Holloway. The club are very grateful to Brian who after reading about his grandfather over on our Facebook page has this week very generously donated to our club in memory of his grandfather to help Cogenhoe CC in these difficult times.

As feared in the previous article no cricket has taken place yet this season, with official directives from the English Cricket Board (ECB) currently stating all levels of cricket are suspended indefinitely. This means there is a real chance the 2020 cricket season may not start at all. The lack of cricket is already having a huge financial impact on many cricket clubs across the Northants Cricket League who are desperately crowd funding just to stay afloat. Thanks to each and everyone of you that support Cogenhoe Cricket Club by donating, being members or supporting our fundraising events, we are not one of these clubs. This generosity combined with our well run accounts (credit to Ben Garratt and Alex Harvey-Jones for this) our committee feel we are currently in a position to survive this continued period of inactivity. A special mention must go to Mrs Quennell for again sponsoring every single match ball needed for a season. This is a huge donation, as clubs have already had to pay for this despite the on going Covid-19 situation meaning they may not be needed. I imagine having Roy, our fundraising extraordinaire as a son gets quite expensive! So please accept our eternal gratitude.

Gareth Goddard, Linsey McIntosh and all the volunteers who help with our junior section are still chomping at the bit to offer cricket later this summer if at all possible. If this is not possible we have been assured by the ECB that they will guarantee refunds for those registered to the ‘Allstars’ program if no sessions take place.

Less than 12 months on from the summer of 2019 where the most dramatic game of cricket ever culminated in England being crowned World Cup Champions. Cricket was back to its biggest, it had re-captured the hearts and minds of the nation, with viewing figures returning to levels not seen since the fever pitched Ashes summer of 2005. This was followed by Ben Stokes again defying all the odds to win an Ashes test everyone believed to be lost, with a performance (arguably) eclipsing Ian Botham’s heroics some 38 years earlier. It looked like this would mean 2020 was going to be the perfect chance for us at Cogenhoe to blossom in the excitement that surrounded cricket again. New lovers of the game young and old, as well as those who had rediscovered their love of cricket, would have no doubt grown the community based, family feel we hold at the core of everything we do. Fear not, we will still keep moving forward and growing our village’s cricket club, it is just a shame that it will have to wait until we are allowed out to play again! In the mean time I have realised looking back on these happier times is a very welcome distraction to the current situation. This has lead to an idea to hopefully keep cricket in everyone’s mind, and more importantly give everyone a bit of a giggle, after all we need it! So to give you all a laugh, and to get people reminiscing on happier times, I will be reinacting some of the most famous cricket moments, and posting them on Cogenhoe Crickets Clubs Facebook and Twitter pages, for people to guess the match, the players involved and the year the real action took place. We will also then post details of what was happening in Cogenhoe CC’s history at the same time.

And finally… I will end on something to look forward to, whilst we cannot confirm dates for these yet, as a club we still plan to bring you all of our annual social events, if of course it is safe to do so. These include our quiz night, where every penny raised goes to the charity of the winning teams choosing. Family bingo night, unfortunately postponed from March, but not by any means cancelled. Our presidents night BBQ, and as it currently the most likely sport to be allowed to return, we hope our annual golf day will still take place before the year is out. Whilst we may have to adapt all of these events to some extent we will bring you these events amongst others when we can. After all it is important we stay physically distant (for now at least), but keep the community spirit we have in our cricket club and across the village of Cogenhoe as strong as ever. As always if you would like to know more about our cricket club, or any of our events please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Nick Lester writing in the Cogenhoe & Whiston Parish Magazine

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