Boredom Threshold Breached

In a quiet week for news and activity on the Cogenhoe Cricket Club website, it was fitting that possibly the most boring game of cricket in club history took place on Saturday 12th August at Compton Park. 

With the President’s Day BBQ looking to start at 6pm, Dan had high hopes of getting the game wrapped up before then and it very nearly went to plan.


Having lost the toss, Stony Stratford were not shy in asking Cogenhoe to bat on the soft and green track, confident that the 303-5 declaration from earlier in the season wouldn’t be repeated.


The early going was hard on the low and slow surface with openers Lee-Brown and Morrissey falling for not very many and Callaghan occupying the crease but finding it difficult to score. When Swallow joined McLaughlin the run rate began to increase and a target of around 160 would be challenging if we could get that far.


Dan was taking the game to the bowlers but was unluckily run out when chancing his arm on a quick single to cover, who scored a direct hit with The Grooner just short of his ground. Jack Harris joined Henry and the two continued to attack until Henners was caught skying a long-hop straight up for the verbose wicket-keeper to make his best contribution of the day by holding onto the catch.


The innings was still looking a little short of par until Buster and James Bushell both batted well for 30 and 18 respectively and got the Cook’s total up to 172ao in the final over. Given the reduction in noise coming from the fielding team once the 150 score had been bettered, there was a suspicion that they didn’t fancy their chances of winning at tea.


The Cook’s hopes of winning looked assured as Buster and Grooner combined to take the first six Stony wickets with only 30 runs on the board from 18 overs. A pair of smart catches from Bendy Garratt and one each for Lord Browning of Tefferwick and Jack ‘Cousin of Dan’ Harris were the highlights in the field. The debate was whether Stony had set out with the intent to win, but the opening spell effectively took the impetus out of their innings.


What followed next was a poor advertisement for the NCL and to be fair to Stony it isn’t their fault the rules allow for a draw to be achieved by batting out. Cogenhoe had to bowl a further 32 overs as the Stony No 7 and No 8 blocked out over after over. Cogenhoe employed a total of seven different bowlers to break the deadlock, but it wasn’t until the final over that the under-utilised tweaker Morrissey struck twice.  


Both Stony lads played well, although the field settings to try and take a wicket meant they scored more runs than would have normally been on offer.


It is just a pity they hadn’t shown more intent as they may have won, but would have had to have risked losing to do so, something they weren’t prepared to do.
The game fizzled out long before the end, frustrations on both sides and then an underwhelming turnout for the President’s Day BBQ….a day to forget all round.

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