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With the 2017 season now mid way through, before we know it, the season will be finished and thoughts will be turning to winter training. With this in mind I thought I would take the time to let you know that we have now released the courses along with dates we will be running prior to Christmas 2017. This is the time to get people enrolled on the courses to get them qualified so they can continue the hard work of your current coaches.
We will be running 1 ECB Coach Support Worker Courses pre Christmas which are designed for people who will be assisting qualified Level 2 Coaches., the post Christmas dates will be released over the next few weeks. We will also be running an ECB Certificate in Coaching Childrens cricket (Level 2) Courses which are designed for people mainly working with children under the age of 13 and an ECB Certificate in Coaching Young People and Adults (Level 2) which is designed for people that will be coaching players 13 and above.  
For information on the courses we will be running please go to our website using the following link:

 The plan is to run a number of First Aid courses from September through to April however these have not been confirmed yet. Once they have been they will appear on our website (a likely date for a course is 13th September)

Not only do we want to work with new people to coaching, we also would like to support and develop those individuals already working hard within your club. This is why we would like to run some Continuous Professional Development courses to help current coaches develop further; we haven’t run these as a County Board for a number of years due to the low uptake however we want to make a conscious effort to help our coaches.

ECB Skill Development for Children 

ECB Creating the Learning Climate for Children

ECB Game Based Learning for Children

We would also like to run some workshops for coaches; providing them with ideas for training sessions, some strength and conditioning ideas that can be incorporated into sessions, so would love your support in promoting this if possible. 
 You might be aware of the ECB Coaches association; its a network and community of coaches, provides its members with appealing and innovative resources that support the development of their coaching and their impact on players. The Northants Coaches Association is working in collaboration with the England & Wales Cricket Board to re-energise its county based activity and membership. We are looking to retain, recruit and re-engage with coaches in the County and offer them incentives and support to continue doing what they are doing. There are many benefits for being a member of the ECBCA and in turn Northants CA; for £30 (direct debit) or £37 (cheque) a coach will be insured, regular technical bulletin from the ECB “Coaches Matter”, a copy of the ECB “Wings to Fly” DVD series along with more as well as local benefits. Please promote this to your coaches within your club. 
For further information about the ECBCA and ways to apply please visit our website:


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you
Kind regards

Patricia Hankins

Clubs, Facilities and Growth Cricket Development Officer

Northants Recreational Cricket CIC

The County Ground, Abington Avenue, Northampton, NN14PR

Telephone: 01604 609278

Email: [email protected]

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