Fantasy Cricket Stat’s Special

A few statistical highlights
1. The highest weekly score from a player was Dan McLaughlin with 256 (week 11)
2. Dan has 4 of the highest 10 individual week scores (256, 244, 196 & 190)
3. Henry Swallow has 2 of the 10 (228 & 202), with Gareth Goddard (246), Adam Longley (189), Darren Harrison (180) and Matt Morrissey (172) with the remainder of the top 10 scores.
4. Dan also has the most points of any player with 1679. He is 509 points ahead of the next player.
5. This is Gareth Goddard (1170 points), followed by Adam Longley (1031), Nick Lester (1027) and Henry Swallow (1004).
6. Gareth Goddard, Adam Longley, Adam Lee-Brown, Henry Swallow and Russ Coleman have all scored more fantasy points this season than they did the whole of last season.
7. Dan is only 3 points away from beating his total score from last year, and Alfie Wreford only 8 away.
8. The most points per week is unsurprisingly Dan with 152.64.
9. This is followed by Gareth (106.36) & Adam Longley (103.10)
10. However, if you are looking for value for your buck, then Russ Coleman is your man. He has 144.20 points per million.
11. This is followed by Henry Swallow (143.43, Gareth Goddard (106.36), Adam Longley (103.10), and that man Dan McLaughlin (98.76) again.
12. Dan also has the most team of the week appearances with 9 out of a possible 11.
13. Alex Harvey-Jones & Nick Lester have appeared 8 times, with Gareth, Mark Bird, Adam Longley, Paul ‘Buster’ Smith & Russ Coleman appearing 7 times each.
14. It has been a good season for Cogenhoe’s youth, with James Bushell making the team of the week three times, and his brother twice. Will Tipler has also appeared once.
15. Unsurprisingly, the top 2 weeks for the most fantasy points included a midweek game (Week 9 – 1969 & Week 11 – 1951).
16. The lowest score was week 1, when there were only 1263

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