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Burkes and Hair lose crown!

The annual Charity Quiz evening held on September 28 th proved yet again to be an overwhelming success with our members and the local community showing their generosity all in the name of some wonderful causes.

The evening got off to a tasty start courtesy of Bhavika Dave who provided free of charge a very nice Indian dip along with poppadoms and our thanks to Bhavika for that.

With everyone suitably refreshed by Bhavikas fare the quiz got underway with a round on India along with a picture round of famous Terry`s.There followed rounds on general knowledge, 2012, famous opening lines, a cartoon picture round and  a round on the world. Early pace setters were the Beauties and the Beasts captained by Ryan Knight with defending champions The Burkes and Hair led by Matt Morrissey along with Shucky Ducky Quack Quack just behind in second place.

But by the half way stage the Burkes were out in front  and as we entered the final round the Burkes held a 4 point lead over SDQQ.The final round however was a 25 point music one with teams having to identify the various artists from 5 decades from the 1960`s until the present day. Now whilst Cilla Black, The Sweet and Spandau Ballet presented few problems the Rizzle Kicks, LMFAO and Gotye did. But  SDQQ with the youth of messers Towlers x 2 and Davis combined with the experience of David and Louise had the perfect team for this round and their final round total of 23 was just enough to edge out the Burkes who could only manage 18.

So Shucky Ducky Quack Quack which I am reliably informed is an American wrestling term took the Pat Whiteman Trophy with a score of 91 and £150 for their nominated charity the Jennifer Trust. Second place The Burkes and Hair with 90 points donated their £60 to the Air Ambulance. In third were the Cogenhoe Catweasels a threesome consisting of Gareth Goddard  with Malcolm and Paul Browning who also donated their £40 to the Jennifer Trust whilst the Denton Dunces skippered by Russ Coleman came in fourth with their £20 going to the Air Ambulance. Apart from the £270 raised by the teams entry fees and raffle, Maggie Irvine and Suzanne Tarpley also collected over £40 in a collection box during the interval for MacMillan Cancer support.

In the times we find ourselves living in it really is testament to the members of our club, our village and local community that we can raise over £300 in one evening.

Our thanks to Cogenhoe Utd Football Club for the use of their clubhouse, Bhavika, Jason Roberts for eventually turning up and scoring! and to the teams for their generosity and support.

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