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Pints make Prizes

 Saturday 23 rd June saw the culmination  of months of planning, hard work and dedication by Phil Whiteman, Dave Foley, Andy Robinson,  Steve Millard, their families and friends, the staff of DHL and members of Cogenhoe Cricket Club.

As a result of those efforts  £ 2 435 was raised for the Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

Phil Whiteman, Dave Foley and Andy Robinson who risked all by travelling to the Poppy & Pint in Nottingham to by a round of drinks and three packets of crisps.

Phil, Dave, Andy, Steve Millard and Roy Quennell with Sue Bownass the Community Fundraiser for Cynthia Spencer.

Cricket Club President Terry Tarpley presents the cheque for £ 1 835 to Sue at the clubs Presidents Day Barbecue. A further £600 was added thanks to the generosity of the DHL Foundation making the total amount raised by Pints make Prizes to £2 435.

Cogenhoe Cricket Club would like to thank the dozens of local businesses, companies and individuals for their amazing support of Pints make Prizes.

Such was the success we are going to do it all again next year.

Keep checking this site and the Pints make Prizes Facebook page for the latest news on Pints 2013

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