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Charitable Cooks

The generosity and compassion of the members and supporters of our club continued to impress  this year as we raised over £460 for a variety of charities in 2011.

Our Charity Quiz held in September was once again well supported and keenly contested. Gary Brough and his assistant Richard brought technology, jokers and fun to quiz night and the net result was £210 raised.

Matt Morrissey`s The Burkes and Hairs triumphed by just one point from the Chairmans 6 who quite frankly were robbed by some very strict marking (apparently a Wold as in Stowe on the Wold is not a hill its a “small hill” ) whilst the previous champions the Towler and Masons clan and Gareth Goddards Bar Flies came joint third.

Matt`s side donated their £120 to the Air Ambulance, Matt Golbys Chairmans 6  donated their £60 to Kidsaid a local charity helping children affected by bereavement, neglect, abuse and bullying and one that relies totally on charitable donations. Louise and Julie donated their £15 to the Jennifer Trust while without a hint of irony Dan said that the Bar Flies £15 was going to a dementia charity but he could not remember its name!

Apart from this quiz Gary also raised a further £132 for the Jennifer Trust from another quiz he organised and our thanks to Gary for all his efforts this year.

The club also made donations to the village flower festival, the Macmillan Coffee Morning and the Teenage Cancer Trust. All in all £469.50 donated as well as more empty ink cartridges to Marie Curie.

The club wishes to thank everybody who has helped us in raising money for charity. We receive some lovely letters of thanks from the charities concerned and they really appreciate your efforts.

2 thoughts on “Charitable Cooks”

  1. If and but’s Mr Chairman… and are you sure there were only 6 of you, it looked busier than one of your trains round that table?

  2. Cogenhoe Cricket Club

    Ha ha Mr M there were indeed just 6 , but only 5 contributing remember we had Mr Roberts on our side and his only contribution was to say “I said that” after we got an answer wrong !

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