Cooks achieve Clubmark status

As of October 31 st 2011 Cogenhoe CC are an accredited cricket club.

Just over three years since we began the process we received the news from Derek Styman and now we are officially listed on the ECB website Clubmark register.

There are just 25 clubs from the NCL that are accredited with only ourselves in Division 6 and Bugbrooke in Division 7 clubs outside the top three leagues to be awarded clubmark. There are over 70 clubs in the NCL.

The driving force behind our application and success was Dave Patrick. Dave spent hundreds of hours collating the relevant paperwork, supplying coaching session details, practice registers,attending courses, chasing coaches certificates, organising coaching courses, first aid courses and attending meetings and seminars and much much more. As Dave neared the completion of the clubs evidence file he persuaded Nobby Wykes to lend a hand. Nobby brought a wealth of experience and common sense to the process and was in essence Dave`s go too guy if Dave was unsure about something.

During the three years the club added four additional level one coaches Mukesh Dave, Jamie Plowman, Nick Lester and David Towler and currently has three more members Matt Morrissey, Ashley Davis and Roy Quennell in the middle of another course. Ten club members took a first aid course and Dave , David Towler and Roy Quennell attended the Child Welfare Officers course in April of this year.

Tony Bird produced a superb risk assessment of Compton Park for our file as well as being instrumental in amending our constitution.

Gareth Goddard provided us with a link to St James Primary School which has not only given us a chance to recruit more youngsters to the club but also proved to be a most important element of our development plan.

Charlie Bryant, Malc Browning and Peter Cox ensured our ground was always in top order as were the changing rooms.

After we presented the file in August we had a visit to one of our youth coaching sessions where Jason Roberts and his team were observed carrying out a variety of drills and coaching lessons. Whilst our changing facilities were checked for the correct notices.

Finally Dave , Nobby and Roy visited Derek at the County Ground to go through the process of submitting a Club Development Plan .We then sent the plan to David and Louise Towler who polished it up and we finally sent that off in October.

Clubmark accreditation lasts for 3 years , when the club will be reassessed. The club will receive a framed clubmark certificate with Jason Kruger already having the clubmark logo proudly showing as a club achievement on our home page.

An achievement it certainly is and my thanks to all of the above for their time , dedication and effort all in the name of our club. At our recent awards night Dave picked up the Clubman of the Year award and thoroughly deserved it was too. As I have said many times recently our club owes Dave a great debt of gratitude as we do also to his partner Joyce who has been very supportive and indeed roped in on a number of occasions  to use her secretarial skills.

Our thanks also to Derek Styman for his encouragement, help and support and thanks to our Parish Council who have passed on their congratulations on hearing the news of our award.

We have every right to be very proud in achieving Clubmark status especially when you look at the size of the clubs above us compared to ourselves. For a small village such as ours it is a tremendous achievement. We have had a fantastic few years both on and off the field recently and I have every confidence that with the quality of players, committee, Vice Presidents and Sponsors we have here there are more to come.

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