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Unlucky for some

Saturday 13 th August will not go down as a day to remember particularly if you are the Leeds United loving chairman of Cogenhoe Cricket Club. I set off for my spiritual home of Elland Road along with my fellow life long Leeds fan Syd Mason to enjoy a couple of beverages, fish and chips and a 3-0 Leeds win, what could possible go wrong!!!!!!!!! Referee A Taylor is the answer to that question who obviously had been given some nice new shiny red and yellow cards over the summer and who thought that the 25 000 plus at Elland Road wanted to see them more than they wanted to see a game of football. The sending off of the Middlesborough lad was a total farce., I could go on and on and on. But never mind I was confident that back in the place of my birth , Dan would have won the toss and the lads would be showing Oundle how the game should be played. Two important flaws with that plan were Dan winning the toss and Oundle II’s.

Oundle are an exception club who will win this division and probably division 6 next year and 5 the year after. We need to put the experience behind us and concentrate on the final 3 games all of which we are capable of winning. We just need a bit of luck with the toss. Dan has won just 3 from 15 a 20% win ratio even if he wins the next three his ratio will only be 33%. Of the 3 he has won, we have won two and the weather robbed us of and almost certain win at Towcestrians where we finished one run behind with 3 wickets in hand having lost 8 overs to the rain. Similarly last week Spencer were wobbling on 121-8 with 9 overs left when the rain came.

So as we enter he final weeks of the season it is in our own hands to a certain degree. Finishing in the promotion places having had to bat first in so many games would in itself be an achievement and I have every faith in the boys unfortunately I cannot say the same for Mr Taylor.

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