From The Chairman

As yet another season begins hopes and expectations are high at the club that we will enjoy a successful year.

Off the field of play the past few years have been most progressive. As a club we have a very strong and pro active committee and a very loyal and generous group of benefactors, combined those two groups make us a very well run club.

On the field we have not exactly had the best of luck. The first teams relegation from division seven was unlucky to say the least. We only lost four games but were the victims of one day draw cricket which allowed sides who we totally outbatted to just bat out for a draw. It is very frustrating that our league want the best possible playing surfaces  which in turn means it is almost impossible to bowl sides out as an example of this our first team were relegated yet never got bowled out when batting second. A more structured approach to the allocation of points is needed with a winning draw being awarded far better than it currently is. Our first team had six winning draws and won four games which means we scored more runs than our opponents in ten out of eighteen games yet we still went down. Despite the sense of frustration at the lack of win lose cricket the first team are as ever confident in their ability and will under Gareth’s leadership be looking to bounce back.

The seconds are this season skippered by Jason Roberts who is looking to promote and encourage a couple of talented village youngsters in Adam Lee-Brown and Ashley Davis. Both of these youngsters have shown great promise and they also have a desire to learn about the game and the right attitude when it comes to listening to our coaches. Add to that the experience of Dave Patrick, Dan Harris and Syd Mason along with the exciting talent of Frankie Perkin and the seconds might well have an enjoyable season too.

This blog is another step forward for the club as we continue to provide our supporters, benefactors and members with up to date information about Cogenhoe CC. Our brand new website is setting the standards we must all try to achieve it is stylish, well presented and sharp and if we are the same on the field then we will do well this season.

My thanks to Jason Kruger for setting up , designing and along with his father Keith  sponsoring this site via Kruger Net Marketing and to Mark Bird for all the work on Facebook for helping to propel the club into the technological age.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts throughout this season and I look forward to hearing your views too.


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